Teens Swiping Right


The famous dating app ‘Tinder’, known for its swiping left and right feature, has been around since 2012. Adults who either want to try something new and or find it hard to meet people in the ‘real world’ usually end up on this app or one of the many others. Although meant for 18 and up, it has been observed that younger teenagers have also been using this app.

“I’ve been on this app for a while,” says an anonymous source, “I’ve been on for about a year, since I was 16.”

It might seem odd to some people for teens to use dating apps since they, for six hours a day, five days a week, are constantly surrounded by people in their age group. Teens could easily connect with someone near them. But then there’s also the argument that dating apps can help connect students to their peers in different schools and widen the dating scene for them.

“I think it would be kinda weird in a sense, but some teens don’t have social skills and they freeze up in person. They could use Tinder as a way to talk to someone,” anonymous continues.

There are many risks that come with online dating. Catfishing is one of the most popular ones. You may think you’re talking to a nice girl from Old High who is around your age, but later you come to find out that she’s actually a 50 year old man. There’s also the risk of meeting up with someone who could be dangerous. Online dating can be really risky for anyone using it. You don’t really know who you’re talking to until you’re outside the screen.

“Meet in a public place. Bring a friend,” said counselor Wendy Risner. “You never know what people are going to do this day and age. It’s scary.”

High school should be a fun time to try new things and connect with others, dating apps like Tinder being no exception. It’s always important to remember that you have the rest of your life to find someone to spend it with.

“Try to stay open,” says counselor Brittany Bailey. “But remember there’s a lot to experience outside of dating.”