A Whodunit Gathering

Students participate in Murder Mystery


River Morgan

Seniors Jaycee Bruner, Vy Phan, Carson Lee and junior Zayanna Uddin question sophomore Ben Hill, who is playing Enrique Groves, about the murderer.

Mandy Huynh, Reporter

 A party is set on Halloween night with guests eating snacks and chatting about the upcoming show. The setting is Killingsworth grape and wine farm; Elizabeth Killingsworth, a widow to the late Robert Killingsworth, is hosting her last party. She is missing as all the other main suspects make their introduction to the audience. The mystery is revealed when it is disclosed that Elizabeth had been murdered when a golden corkscrew was stabbed into her body.

With the mystery in motion, Nerd Club continues with their first ever Murder Mystery Party at the student center. Bryce Henderson, the club advisor, acts as the host for the party. Henderson created the concept of the game in which certain guest act like suspects and the audience interrogates the actors to solve the mystery.  

As for the actors, they read off of scripts and memorized certain lines for the answer to the questions they could be asked.

According to sophomore Ben Hill, who played Enrique Groves during the party, no one but Henderson knew the murderer: not even the murderer.

“It was suspenseful for sure because I had my suspicions,” he said. “I didn’t think it was me but it was kinda shocking to find out who it was.”

The clapping and chatter about the shocking reveal after the murderer was revealed filled the student center. Overall the audience enjoyed the event.

It was surprising at every turn; yeah, I would definitely do it again,” junior Ashton Smith said.

The mystery ended with a broken relationship and the culprit being picked up and carried away. For the people that missed out on the spooky event, the murderer is still out there, waiting for its next victim to strike on another Halloween night.