Battle of the Arts 1 : Fine vs Applied

Art : The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.

Everywhere you look, there is art. The difference between visually hidden and apparent ideas within art drive two conflicting methods of application and expression by interpretation of onlookers. Battle of the Arts will be an observation of the art forms that cultivate today’s society, projected through the Artists of Rider High into the observer’s perception.

From beauty in the eyes of the beholder to applying aesthetic to functionality, there are three major categories of art to which two will be covered in this first observation of conflicting human visualizations. “You have to think two things in Applied Arts; One: it has to function. Two: it has to look good.” remarks Hung Luu, Spirit Janitor and Studio Artist of Rider High School.

Fine Arts aims to amaze the observer via painting, sculptures, music, poetry, etc., Applied Arts look to make everyday objects appeal visually. Applied Arts is the hidden art that makes life colorful and pleasant to see. While Fine and Applied Arts certainly cross paths in works such as architecture, graphic design, and clothing fashion; the two are mistaken for either Fine Art or not art at all.

“Applied Arts is very similar to Fine Arts but instead, you are implicating the art on, for example, a shirt and it has to look good on the shirt while maintaining the quality of the shirt. With Fine Arts, you can create whatever you want. It doesn’t have to function like a shirt so you have more leeway.” Hung Luu explains that with Fine Arts, the art is based on imagination but with Applied Arts, the art is based on a theme like a club to which the theme must fit; there’s more restrictions.

Being aware of either side’s competitive career paths as well as numerous artists who are, “more talented in Fine Arts,” Hung Luu believes he can succeed with Applied Arts by using his knowledge of technology and art to make something with more than just his art skills.

Hung Luu’s artistic motivation stands: “The fact that I can create basically anything I can imagine is pretty cool. The limit is just my imagination which is kind of crazy if you think about it. You can create anything you want with just your imagination and a couple of pencils.”

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