Raider Of The Month: Benjamin Hughes

Benjamin “Benji” Hughes steps in sync on the field counting the sets in his head as he plays
his flute, the only male flutist at Rider. Hughes focuses on the notes and strives to perfect his
“This is what I want to do with my life,” he said.
At the age of three, Benji discovered his passion for music and singing. Already, he hopes
he will make a career of teaching as a professor at a university, ideally majoring in both Mens
Choir and Band.
“It’s just always been around,” he said. “Now I play the oboe, flute, and I am a tenor in choir. I
hardly have a spare moment, but I love it.”
As he grew in his talent, Benji said his religious beliefs matured as well. Growing up as a
pastor’s son ignited his love for God early on and with passing time, he grew stronger in his
walk with God.
“I was always around the faith, but I didn’t actually become a devout Nazarene, a Christian
denomination, until seventh grade,” he said. “I became more active in my church by participating
in community service and ‘Loving Our Neighbors’, which is a program where we buy
groceries and give them to the people in our neighborhood.”
Hughes and his family have actively participated in the event from its beginning. The last
weekend of November will be the one year anniversary of the project.
“It’s so amazing to see how it has grown so much,” Hughes said. “We started with only
about 30 grocery bags for the church to hand out, but now we are at around 150. I can’t even
describe how amazing it feels.”
Like his faith, music’s influence is second nature to him.
For Benji Hughes, music is more than a talent, it’s a God-given calling.