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Lip Synch delivers strong performance

Danielle Adams

October 27, 2009

Lip Synch, an 11-year tradition held only by Rider, once again brought down the house on three separate occasions with its mix of intense and emotional pieces. Though one would expect every song in Lip Synch to exceed expectations, some fell flat and left me searching for the point of that torturing...

Underground Dressup Days Destroy Tradition

Kelsi Kotulan

October 21, 2009

A group of students at Rider decided to hold a top-secret meeting to come up with alternative dress up days than the ones that the cheerleaders already came up with to give the students more of a variety. For example, instead of dressing like a cowboy for Roundup, the underground idea was to dress up...

Asked & Answered

Brittany Wood & Leslie Trejo

October 9, 2009

Hello Raiders! We are here to introduce you to the new advice column. Write a question on a piece of notebook paper and drop it in one of the advice boxes. These are located in the ROHO Depot (black and gold box) and the counselor’s office (pink Hawaiian box). We will be checking these weekly and posting...

Very Little, Yet So Much

Very Little, Yet So Much

October 7, 2009

I felt like a celebrity as I drove through the villages in Uganda. Kids ran to the side of the road flailing their arms and waving while yelling "Mzungus!", which means white people. I waved back and received a smile worth the long flight, jet lag, and uncomfortable situations. Through all the troubles,...

Rider’s Reputation At Stake

Terran Watson

October 7, 2009

The student section at the football games—composed of mostly seniors who are loud, rambunctious, high-spirited, colorful, and RUDE. Now, I’m not bashing the entire student section; there are some students who sit back idly and watch while others commit the crime. This year, I’ve been fortunate...

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