World Of Tanks Proves Fun Sometimes


Raymond McNally

One of the in-game maps showing the design of the map and the terrain.

World of tanks review.

Raymond Mcnally.

Most free-to-play games are not all that great while only a few can be incredibly addicting in their own way.

The games I’m talking about are Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, and Star Wars: the Old Republic. For today I will be going over World of Tanks (WoT).

At first glance WoT seems like an ordinary MMO third person shooter.

Well, it is when it’s really not. Instead the game feels like a tank simulator most of the time.

This game can be either fun or terrible depending on how you play. WoT is set in the WW2 era as are the maps and vehicles. The vehicles range from light tanks to self propelled artillery. In other words there are five types of vehicles. WoT also has a couple of game modes ranging from random battles (which allow players to be put into a random map and battle against other players) to historical battles (allows the player to reenact famous tank battles from WW2 like the Battle Of The Bulge, and the battle of Kursk). The vehicles are based in tiers 1-10, one being the weakest and easiest to destroy to ten being the hardest to take out.

Some of the most famous tanks that appear in WoT are the pathetic m4 Sherman to the fearsome tiger tank, (although the tiger tank kinda sucks in this game, and loses its fear factor).

The game’s vehicles and terrain all act like how you would imagine: tanks feel clunky and slow while the environment takes collision damage depending on if you run over or fire any tank’s gun.

Another neat feature is that sometimes when you destroy an enemy tank, the tank’s turret will sometimes (and by sometimes, I mean rarely) fly off the tank and slam onto the ground.

The only three problems I have with this game are the money system, experience mechanic and ranking.

WoT has a thing called the “free to play curse” (meaning it uses real life money to use certain features, items and tanks). Not only does this make the game somewhat bad, but it doesn’t make the game any more addictive.

Another annoying thing about the game is that it has a severe grinding problem (doing the same thing over and over until you get to a higher level).

This problem not only makes getting a better vehicle time consuming but painful as well. For example, I was trying to get the M4 Sherman but I had to play the god awful M3 Lee for three days straight.

The last thing that grinds my gears about this game is the fact that WoT’s random battle system is unbalanced. What do I mean by unbalanced? Well, I’ll tell you: let’s say you have a tier 5 tank and you go up against tier 6 and 7 vehicles. Sounds unfair right?

Well, it is.

Here’s how I think the random battle system should work: You should only go up against one tier below you and on tier above you. When a multiplayer game is unbalanced it makes the game more painful to play.

Since the game has three terrible issues that need to be removed ASAP, I won’t give the game a decent score, but I’ll give it a 7 out of 10.

WoT comes so close to addictive but not so much. I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone unless they generally like tanks.