Assassin’s Creed 3 Debuts At Midnight


Austin Doucet

Austin Doucet, Reporter

Midnight Oct. 30 marks the release of Assassin’s Creed 3, the final major title of the series. The series began in 2007 and has since spawned a sequel, followed by many other midquels and prequels through all forms of media. The game has been said by developers to be the longest production time since the original.
The story is split into two, continuing the story of present day’s Desmond Miles and his mission to stop the 2012 apocalypse, and introducing the newest protagonist, Connor Kenway, a half-English, half-Native American assassin during the American Revolution. The game will mostly focus on Connor through 30 years of his life from 1753 to 1783. Plus, the game will continue the present day story of Desmond and reach its conclusion. Though the main portion of the game will be set during Connor’s life, the developers have said that players will get more of Desmond in this game than in any other title.
As you play, you will follow Connor’s life from childhood into his days being in the Assassin’s order and witness firsthand the birth of the United States and also participate in major events such as the Boston Tea Party. Being Native American and English, Connor must struggle to battle for freedom for his people and the new land. You will also meet major historical figures such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. Players will also be able to visit locations such as Connor’s Mohawk village, Colonial Boston and New York, and the settlements of Lexington, Concord and Charlestown.
Along with a new hero and setting comes new gameplay features. Ubisoft has developed a new engine from the ground up called “Anvil Next” to deliver the ultimate next-gen assassin experience. Combat has received a major upgrade such as Connor being able to duel-wield weaponry. Assassin’s Creed has always been about movement and freeflow and this new engine allows just that as you can now effortlessly freerun through cities and the buildings that make it and climb through the trees of the forest of the land. Players will also be able to hunt the wildlife of America. Naval warfare has been introduced as Connor captains a ship through the American seaboard, allowing for ship to ship combat and invading an enemy ship. Assassinations and movement are at the heart of the series and now the two are one in the same as you can pursue a target, grab weaponry from the environment, assassinate your target, then escape all in one flow with no pauses in-between. Some new stealth mechanics have been introduced such as hanging victims for distracting other enemies to crawling through the brush for hunting.
I have followed the series after my friend showed me the original and thought it was a great change of pace and fun from a gaming generation dominated by shooters. From all I’ve seen of this game with the new story, gameplay, and multiplayer, I am greatly excited for the finale to the series and the game itself. A must have for serious fans and gamers in general.