Q/A with swimmer Joe Genewick


Myla Bradford/Rider Media

Joe Genewick is coming off a strong junior season, which includes two silver medals at regionals.

Sara Pratt, Staff writer

Junior Joe Genewick just wrapped up a great swim season,  finishing second place in the 200 individual medley and 100-yard breaststroke at regionals. Normally, Genewick’s results would have qualified for state, but unfortunately, because of COVID restrictions, only regional champions earned automatic qualification.

The Rider Chronicle sat down with Genewick to explore the challenges that his season held, his feelings about not being able to qualify for state and a little about himself and his love for the sport. 

Q: How did you deal with the excitement of finishing second in the region but also not qualifying for state?  

A: “A lot of it was knowing that I gave it my all in that race, and even though I finished second, I know that with the training I’ve done this year and all the circumstances, it was the best possible outcome. It was still exciting.” 

Q: What were some challenges you faced this season?

A: “A lot of it was the new protocols; there was only two people per lane on each side. Since our coach coaches all three (WFISD) swim teams, we had less swim time for high school.” 

Q: How was this season different from others with COVID?

A: “Definitely swim meet-wise, it was a little bit quieter. At district, there was a lot of people there, but at regionals it was just the teams. It was very, very quiet.” 

Q: How long have you been competing in swim meets?

A: “I started swimming when I was 8 years old.” 

Q: What is another hobby you enjoy outside of swim?

A: “I’m on the cross country team. I run during the summer and compete during the fall.” 

Q: What is the hardest race you have competed in this season and why?

A: “The hardest race was the very first meet we had this season. I think it was just knocking off all the rust and stuff, but the first one always hurts.” 

Q: What has swim taught you?

A: “It’s taught me that even when you think you have worked hard enough you probably haven’t. It’s gonna hurt, but in the end, it’s going to worth a lot.” 

Q: What motivates you to excel in swim?

A: “My mom plays a big role in that. She put me in swim so I wouldn’t drown, but turns out the swim team was cheaper than swim lessons. No matter how good I do or how bad I do, she’ll always be there to support me.” 

Q: What will you work on changing for next season?

A: “It’s going to be a more zoned-in mindset knowing that it’s going to be senior year next. I know I can go to state next year, it’s just a mental game.”