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Aleksa Stankovic, Reporter

April 15, 2015

Climate change is knocking on our door and all we do is argue whether or not we hear the sound. Changes that happened since humans became “main characters” are so tremendous that every argument about our impact on wildlife and the planet should lead us to have just one, clear conclusion-we must change...

Opportunities To Give Back With StuCo

Opportunities To Give Back With StuCo

September 15, 2014

Rider Student Council is an organization that offers different volunteering activities to its members. “Student Council allows everyone to give back to our community in a way that students enjoy, “ president Sara Sorge said. They have meetings every Wednesday during the lunch periods and everyone...

Once We Enter College It’s Either Smooth Or Rough Sailing, The Choice Is Ours


March 28, 2014

After high school, we begin to enter the “real world”. We begin to move out of the house, get new jobs, and maybe go to college. But instead of our superiors nagging at us to get our lives together, we are on our own this time. No test corrections. No extra credit. No second chances. The only...

To Bond Or Not To Bond

Emily Carroll, Kiersten Scott, Co-Editors

March 14, 2014

On Feb. 26 the school board voted for the new bond proposal. If it passes, Rider and Old High will cease to exist and one new school will be built. This does not mean the old schools will be completely demolished. They will be used for other educational opportunities that have yet to be decided. The...

Dominating Denton District

Dominating Denton District

Karla Gonzales, Reporter

March 5, 2014

You could hear their medals clink against each other in the hallways, the Monday they came back from the district meet in Denton. Bringing home 9 gold medal for solos and 5 gold medals for relays, the Rider Swim Team dominated at their last swim meet. This win makes the Rider swim team the champions...

Netting A Win

Hannah Zemboy, Contributor

December 18, 2013

The 2013 Lady Raiders volleyball team challenged themselves to prove they were in it to win it even after losing eight seniors from last year’s team. The ladies had a goal of finishing in the top three of the district, bettering last season when the team finished 4th. “I challenged them to write...

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