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Senior Cintia Vickery Earns Full Ride JROTC Scholarship

Senior Cintia Vickery Earns Full Ride JROTC Scholarship

Kaylee Davenport, Reporter

May 12, 2015

After an array of tests, senior Cintia Vickery received the Frederick C. Branch Marine Corps Leadership Scholarship for African Americans, a full ride scholarship to her choice of one of 17 colleges and universities. “I was coming out of the Boys and Girls Club when I received a phone call from...

Faculty Members Clear Students Doubts

Karla Alvarado and Reporter

March 28, 2014

Students often have doubts about the differences between AP and regular classes. College/Career counselor Julie Johnson does not believe that superior intelligence is a must to be in pre-AP and AP classes. “It helps to be really smart but you don’t have to be in order to take AP classes because...

Applying For Grants, Loans Consumes Valuable Time; Higher Education Proves Worth It In The End

Lane Weldon, Staff Writer

May 1, 2012

Junior Jessica Ayres sits at her desk, fiercely writing. She stops and looks over at the book the essay is on about, “Profiles in Courage,”and then puts her head on the desk. She hopes it is worth it. As the school year comes to an end, it’s still not too late for seniors or younger students to...

Seniors find various different options to save money on higher education

April 5, 2012

She sat before the monitor, staring at the application that had the potential to change her life forever. She was excited for the possibilities looming just as soon as she hit submit, but nervously realized that once she did, she might not be able to live out the dreams she had created for herself. Senior...

Students search for new ways to pay for college without going into debt

Students search for new ways to pay for college without going into debt

Morgan Dougherty

October 6, 2011

Because of the rising cost of college, seniors need to be prepared to face their financial situation in a serious way by taking advantage of scholarships, loans, and financial aid, but not biting off more than they can chew. In the next few weeks, seniors will be busy writing essays and applying to...

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