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Infamous Infestation

Infamous Infestation

November 20, 2015

8:49 p.m., Tuesday, October 27th. They sat grouped around a computer, chatting as they finished up the October paper deadline.  Two editors and their adviser, completely unsuspecting of what was about to drop down on them. Literally. It crawled its way out of a hole in the ceiling, right above...

Rats No Longer Problem On Campus

Dusti Gamble, Courtney Reynolds and Sanica Huang, Reporters

November 20, 2012

Rats and mice were a big problem at the beginning of the school year. “One Monday morning, when I came to my room and began working on my table, a rat came running through the room,” Blackney said. “I screamed like a girl. A week before that Monday a rat was eating a chocolate bar that the cheerleaders...

Oh Rats

November 2, 2011

When Assistant Principal Rebecca Hitchcock returned to school, the last thing she thought she'd find was a rodent invasion. Hitchcock wasn't alone in the discovery. Now nine weeks into the school year, the invasion continues. "I caught two yesterday," Hitchcock said on the day of this interview. Assistant...

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