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Teens Can Make A Difference: Annual Event Set For Oct. 27

Teens Can Make A Difference: Annual Event Set For Oct. 27

Erica Bourland, Reporter

October 2, 2012

2011. It was a crisp Fall Saturday, a gentle breeze sweeping across Huff Street, the multicolored leaves swishing and ruffling in the wind. The Kell House Museum--the architectural homage to the early twentieth century--rose from crumbling downtown Wichita Falls, a two-story red house with delicate...

eBooks catching up to bound books in race to top

March 30, 2011

It's everywhere. It's on an airplane. It's in a camping tent. It's at home and hotel. It's at school. The sleek device that whispers stories of fiction and non-fiction through its glossy screen. With the single motion of a finger, a page has been turned. No more losing your place, no more licking...

A Dying Breed: Clubs Struggle to Stay Afloat

Kyler Norman

October 8, 2010

Clubs have always been a part of student life, but now students and teachers are having difficulty finding time for them. “I don’t know if kids are too busy in church or if they have too much schoolwork,” librarian and Student Council adviser Sally Mroczkowski said. “It’s the same kids doing...

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