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Journalism State-Bound; Students Will Compete In Austin Next Week

Kayla Holcomb, Editor-in-Chief

May 21, 2012

Seniors Meghan Myracle and Jordan Campagna will be competing at State Academic UIL in Austin, Texas for journalism May 21-23, the first time that Rider has had students qualify in every journalism event. Myracle placed in editorial, and Campagna placed in headlines, news, and feature. “I never thought...

Texting while driving needs to stop now before more senseless deaths; you’re not that busy

Meghan Myracle

April 5, 2012

May 29, 2006 June 18, 2006 Dec. 20, 2006 March 18, 2007 April 26, 2007 June 28, 2007 Aug. 13, 2007 Jan. 3, 2008 Aug. 6, 2008 Nov. 20, 2008 These dates all have something in common. They’re etched on tombstones, marking the end of a life simply because another driver decided that one text...

October Crossfire Con: Change needed for excess of 5.0 classes

Meghan Myracle

October 6, 2011

Various schools throughout Texas have moved to a grading scale where only four AP classes count toward extra grade points. This system is a good model of what our schools should move toward. If this type of system were put in place, the "GPA race" would be more than just scheduling and figuring out...

Deadline Changes Perception of Time

Meghan Myracle

October 4, 2011

Senior year, we go to school and take it all in...trying to capture the memories and take nothing for granted, I mean it’s the last year of high school right? But what if it were your last year alive? What if your classmate, the one you just called out for asking a "stupid" question, was burying a...

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Meghan Myracle