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Student’s Relationships Urge Her Onward

Student’s Relationships Urge Her Onward

Cortney Wood, Reporter

December 12, 2014

“Riley Anderson and Caitlin Pawloski told me that I should try cross country and track, and I was like ‘What’s cross country? What is that?’ I thought it was going to be a side thing, but it turned out that I loved it. They were the ones that got me started. And then I grew to like it more, it...

A Look Behind The Laces

A Look Behind The Laces

Miranda Darne, Reporter

November 4, 2014

It’s before the race. The teammates gather around to do their stretches and group prayer, their routine before every run. The anticipation grips senior Kylee Garcia as she chants stretches and helps prepare the group for the meet, one of her many responsibilities as captain of the girl’s cross-country...

One family, all teams: Cross country reaches out

One family, all teams: Cross country reaches out

Montana Mooney

October 6, 2011

You hear or see it every day. Our school stresses the concept. We are supposed to be “one family, one team,” but what does that mean? Go to just one cross country meet and you’ll find out immediately, just like I did. In order to photograph the meet, I had to ride the bus with the team. The day...

Cross Country

Monica Mathieu

October 8, 2009

Chris Anderson is leading the boys' cross country team with a time of 17:24, Darryl Neal follows with a time of 19:02, and Aaron Kurtz comes in third at Rider with a time of 19:14. The team places third at the Perkins Scout Camp and 11th at Marcus I International. "I believe this team has more...

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