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House Bill 5 Takes Control

House Bill 5 Takes Control

Kaylee Davenport, reporter

June 1, 2015

Freshmen at Rider are the “guinea pigs” to the new endorsement plan which was decided in August 2014 by the state. “I do think in some ways it can be a little alarming,”  counselor Jennifer Spurgers said. “The nice thing is that you can still change your endorsement once a year.” And...

FCA Meets Wednesdays

Belle Frye

September 13, 2010

FCA meets every Wednesday for breakfast in Coach Chamberlain's room where students get a chance to hear a speaker. The Fellowship of Christain Athletes has been around since 1954.  They get involved with Teens Make a Difference Day, they volunteer at childrens homes, and they get the children candy...

Advisory Seen as Success

Jordan Campagna

May 21, 2010

With a year to test out the advisory period, students, teachers, and administrators feel it has been a beneficial addition to the schedule. "Advisory was multipurpose: give students an opportunity to make-up missed work and to help students who struggle with TAKS," vice principal Synthia Kirby said....

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