Freshman Sidelined With Injury

Holly Apple

It was a soccer game like any other for Tiffany Foster until the injury that changed everything.
It was the last game of the season for Lady Raider Soccer against Burkburnett. Rider was dominating the opponent with a score of 5-0. With the crowd on their feet cheering Rider on, the game was coming to an end. Rider made one of their final shots, but was devastatingly blocked by the goalie. The Defender, Tiffany, prepared to head the goalie’s punt.
“I immediately fell on the ground,” Foster said. “The punt hit my head so hard, I actually passed out.”
Despite the excruciating pain, Foster continued playing and finished the game.
“After I woke up and figured out where I was, I was determined to finish the game and end the season on a positive note,” Foster said.
Despite the victory of the game, Foster’s head injury would not go away.
“My mother took me to the hospital the next day,” Foster said. “They knew right away I had a major concussion, and also said I could have died in my sleep the night of the injury.”
Luckily, since the season was over, Foster didn’t miss out on any gameplay, but was forced to sit out during class.
“At first it’s a nice break, then you get tired of watching everyone else play,” Foster said. “I miss participating in the class and I wish i could play and feel apart of the team again.”
Although her injury was life threatening, Foster still didn’t lose her passion for the game.
“Although the injury kept me from participating from anything active, nothing can keep me from playing soccer,” Foster said. “Soccer is why I get up in the morning, and I can’t imagine life without it.