Tennis Players Show OFOT At State

Scot Green, Varsity Baseball Coach

Yesterday I took a personal day to go watch our tennis athletes perform down in Austin. I wanted you all to know how well our tennis team represented our school. What an excellent group of student athletes!! Unfortunately they were eliminated in highly competitve matches. I witnessed one of the most courageous efforts by any athlete in this city by Connor Curry. Down 2-3 in the third set he got full body cramps. Though encouraged by many of his family members to retire, he continued playing though he could not move. That is the Rider way. Never give up. What a fighter. Dadgum glad to be around these students. I also should note how well our coaches work with these players. Coach Gillen and Coach Apperson no doubt represent one family one team. These two guys seem to be at every event at Rider. Im so happy I was able to reciprocate those acts of support. If you have Connor, Chris Norrie and Melinda Johnson pat them on the back for a job well done and their Coaches.

Scot Green
Rider High School