Spring Back Into Class After Break

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Spring break starts soon, and every student, teacher and staff member will book it out of this building with their sights set on relaxation. But, although Netflix will run for the next nine days straight, after everyone returns from the well-deserved break, don’t fall into the trap of just skirting by in your classes for the rest of the year.

There are two and a half months until the end of the school year, and though it’s extremely easy to give in to slacking, all of the work done up until this point is jeopardized by doing so. Push past the wall everyone feels getting back in the swing of things.

Furthermore, merely going through the motions wastes everyone’s time. Students waste the teachers’ time by neglecting their tasks and the teachers take longer to return work which only takes more time. Not doing the work assigned makes a cycle for both teacher and student where no one is happy with the end.

The dreaded “senioritis” has stricken the population, but once students get out of the habit of working on schedule, it is so hard to get back in the routine to get things done on time. But really, juniors feel this struggle too. “Senioritis” hits them just has hard, and even the sophomores and freshmen feel the same funk too.

The entire student body is in the same boat, and that’s not even including the teachers. They deal with hours on end of grading while juggling their home lives and that’s easy to forget. Everyone knows the feeling that comes from having to come back to school after spring break, but life will continue to move on despite our denial.

End the year off by powering through. When all the AP tests are done, the yearbook finally comes out and people have hardly anything left to do, nothing feels more rewarding than knowing every day was spent working with the end in sight.

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