Honor Our Troops

Honor Our Troops

As a military city, it is more than our duty to respect our troops. This includes both those who live or work at Sheppard as well as our own JROTC program. For instance the Pledge of Allegiance is a form of respect that is built into our school day and participation is just a small token of our gratitude for those who fight for our freedom.

Even though there are commercials that promote letting members of the military go first in line touting statements like “first in our community, first in line,” this event rarely takes place in town even though Sheppard Air Force Base brings so much to our community quite literally, as well as monetarily

Also the JROTC program should gain more recognition for their hard work. This program teaches students how to be good citizens. We owe it to them to repay them with the same respect. During graduation Sergeant First Class Miller will ask students who have signed up to serve to stand for recognition. We need to show respect by standing up for them as a sign of appreciation.

In addition holidays like Veteran’s Day or Memorial are celebrated for the three-day weekend they bring and little else.  That needs to change.

We should make statements like “first in our community” really mean something whether that is holding open a door, saying thank you, or letting active duty military go first in line.