“Do it For Those Who Can’t”

Raider Family helps raise funds for ALS


Giving back is what the Rider Raiders were all about on September 17th, 2016 as they raised awareness about ALS by taking part in the annual Muscle Walk.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, is a disorder involving the death of neurons that control voluntary muscles and causes many inabilities such as paralysis. The Muscular Dystrophy Association, or MDA, coordinates a multitude of fundraisers such as the annual Muscle Walk that Raider Athletes, along with Hirschi Athletes, Holiday Drummers, and a crowd of supporting donors, participated in early Saturday morning at Sikes Lake.

“The hope for our future is to get the youth of today involved, and it’s a great way for our families to see all the support of the community with all the various programs and kids out there,” local MDA Director Lori Seymour said.

The MDA fights to free individuals and their families from muscular dystrophy diseases so that they may live longer lives and grow stronger. Thanks to Rider’s and everyone’s involvement, the MDA was able to raise over $18,000 in donations. Seymour happily comments on Saturday’s turnout with schools coming out and representing the MDA’s cause.

“They have just come out in the last few months with some pretty significant and promising signs with ALS research and SMA,” Seymour said. “All the money raised here is going towards research on exon skipping drugs. These drugs tricks the body into skipping over defective genes, such as the the ones that causes ALS.”

In recent years, ALS has seen more awareness because of communal trends like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge shared across social media. Thanks to this rise as well as the increase in donations, progression in research has recently been made in finding a cure.

According to a public speaker at the MDA’s Muscle Walk on Saturday, scientists have gotten closer every year, doctors saying, “We’ve got the street, we’ve got the house, we’re opening the front door to finding the cure.” The public speaker continues to tell how the doctors are in the house with the safe but it takes money to open it and that’s what these fundraisers are for.

One of the MDA’s big slogans is “Live Unlimited,” which is directed towards individuals and families to help them live without boundaries. Coined during pre-game preparation, “Do it for those who can’t” is a rising phrase in the Raider Family. The Raider Football team uses the phrase to recognize injured teammates for their sacrifice as well as to be grateful for having the opportunity to play under Friday night lights. Now, the phrase grows to recognize anyone struggling with inabilities, letting them know that Rider means it when Raiders chant, “One Family, One Team.”