Learn An Asian Art With The Spanish Teacher

Kobie Lunsford, Reporter

In this day and age, people need to be able to defend themselves, and martial arts club can get students ready early on in their lives. The purpose of the Pyong Hwa Do Martial Arts Club is to open students to martial arts and help them better themselves and others. The club also does volunteer work.

“The only one in the region,” Martial Arts Club Master Ethan Shaw said.

The club has done some recent volunteer work such as assisting Teens Make a Difference, Wild Bird Rescue, and the Red Cross. The club is open to all RHS students but with some restrictions: You must be passing all classes, have no discipline problems, no drinking, no smoking, and no drugs.

“We get to do Tai-Chi and different martial arts styles,” Senior Christy Nguyen said.

There are no officials as of yet. The Martial Arts club meets “as arranged,” according to Shaw, so if you are interested in it you should listen to the announcements everyday to hear about when they are meeting. The first Martial Arts club meeting will be held Sept. 18.