Lost books add up to high cost

Lost books add up to high cost

Jordan CAmpagna

In the weeks before school starts, all of the books are lying in the upstairs gym waiting to be passed out to students in the first weeks of school.

As school was ending last year, it looked as if Rider would lose $10,000 due to 174 missing books.

Through the summer, that number shrunk. On the Thursday before school started, 107 books were still missing, adding up to $6,000 in books.

Students who have lost books are out of luck until they pay their fines.

“We are hoping to get at least 90 books back in,” Braveboy said.

Students with books or money will need to see Braveboy or he will go to them.

“We catch a lot of them when they come to check out books,” Braveboy said.

If the books aren’t returned, students with lost books can’t check out a new book or participate in UIL activities.

“The money we don’t get, we have to pay,” Braveboy said. “The district doesn’t let us off the hook. We have to take money from other areas to pay.”