Blockbuster Takes a Bow

Dani Adams and Dani Adams

Americans were recently shocked to learn that Blockbuster is planning to close over 800 of its nationwide stores including the one just a block from Rider.

“My friends were talking about how they went and bought bunches of movies,” sophomore Sarah Harmer said. “Apparently it was [closing] because Blockbuster is trying to get rid of them before they close.”

Many “all-in-one” stores are beating out Blockbuster for the top movie stop spot.

“I don’t go to Blockbuster anyway because Hastings has everything,” sophomore Hope Fiser said. “I always go to Hastings. Hastings is till open and has bomb coffee.”

Blockbuster chose to close after a lack of business greatly reduced their income.

“I watch movies on youtube more often then I rent them,” Harmer said. “I don’t really feel like I’m missing out on much. Movies aren’t my big thing.”