Battle of the Arts 2 : Fine vs Performing

Expression : the process of making known one’s thoughts and feelings

Performing is typically an art believed to be just an art rather than Fine Art. In reality, performing makes up its own art form which is the third art category that Battle of the Arts will observe. Performing Art is debatably the only art category that can put up a challenge to the music side of Fine Arts in regards to social influence.

“They’re both important but band is my passion. I’ve put my life into it. I’ve been playing the trumpet for nine years and I have five band classes.” Senior Jacob Picht states.

Reaching out from dances to theatricals, performing arts showcases a broad portfolio full of movies, animations, tv shows, music videos, and tons of dances from cultures around the world. “With Marching Band, the two arts get lumped together in the fact that band goes out to perform for an audience but the music last maybe 45 minutes whereas in theatre, you have to memorize hours of lines.” Jacob Picht differentiates the arts with marching band and theatre.

Differences in the two styles brings Fine and Performing Art together for a truly beautiful experience difficult for any onlooker to turn down. Jacob Picht describes the combination’s power with Rider’s Marching Band’s 2016 show, saying, “this year’s was more of a Broadway production instead of just marching around playing different songs. We had a story to tell that conveyed emotion. We had all the Fine Arts aspects but also had Performing Arts with all the backdrops and voice overs.  We were performing to an audience more than just the music but also the significance of a farmer to America’s History.”

Music owns a dominating presence around the world, from the streets of cities to the internet; and therefore creating a highly competitive market. Realizing this, Jacob debates between choosing Fine Arts or Performing Arts, saying, “Concert Band is definitely more of a Fine Art and Marching Band is a blend but either way, it’s all about the music.” Concluding his decision, Jacob chooses Fine Arts because, “you can play a lot more difficult music and convey emotions better whereas Performing Arts, you have to be in this exact spot in sixteen counts.”

Jacob Picht’s artistic motivation stands: “Art is great to have because I’m the kind of person who struggles to express myself and though I seem apathetic, music is one of those things that you can convey whatever emotion you’re feeling.”

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