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“One Day Without Shoes” Not Possible for Rider Students

Logan Nevonen

April 7, 2010

On April 8, TOMS Shoes is asking everyone to participate in the annual "One Day Without Shoes" event to raise awareness for the foot disease, Podoconosis, which effects 10 countries in tropical Africa, Central America and Northern India. Although TOMS shoes is hosting the event in order to influence...

Spanish Club On To San Antonio

Porshala Strawn

April 5, 2010

Senior Luciana Villacorta will interview for a scholarship given at the PASF conference this weekend. Villacorta will be joined by other members of the Spanish Club at the conference which features competitions, workshops, a dance, and the scholarship interviews. "This is my first year going to...

JROTC Annual Inspection

March 23, 2010

Almost everything that is worked on in JROTC all leads up to the Annual Formal Inspection. AFI will be performed tomorrow morning.  "This is what we practice and prepare for all year," First Lieutenant Cara Curtis said. "It all comes down to this." Every year JROTC has this inspection. This years...

Senior Send-Off Set for Tuesday

Shelby Ross

March 5, 2010

Senior Send-Off will be on Tuesday at the MPEC. All seniors from all three high schools are invited to attend an informational event on life skills and life after high school. There will be approximately 11 sessions such as "College Life- what can I expect?," "Who needs a budget?" and "Gizmos Galore." "It...

Carrigan Career Center: Life Training

Carrigan Career Center: Life Training

Monica Mathieu

March 3, 2010

A select group of Carrigan students competed in a state wide competition on Friday, Feb. 26. Of the students who competed, the three-man welding team of Bailey Tressler, Kyle Cain, and Trent Shoffit earned 1st place. Kenton Bosworth earned 1st place in individual welding, Alex Hammett placed 1st in...

Fewer Problems Seen On TEAMS

Hannah Smith

March 3, 2010

Last year it was replaced. This year it's a disgrace. When you get to class most teachers are sitting at their computers trying to figure out grades and attendance from the last class on the latest version of "gradespeed." Last year gradespeed was replaced by "TEAMS," a program that featured everything...

Swine Flu still out there?

Shelby Ross

March 2, 2010

Remember the "swine flu" panic? There was Germ-X all over the place and people were wearing face masks. In April 2009, "swine flu," as we all know it, was first heard of in the United States. Although, many know it as the swine flu, the more appropriate name is H1N1. The H1N1 does not differentiate much...

Schedules Decided Now for Next Year

Branden Robinson

March 2, 2010

It is the time of year again when schedules are in season, picking whether to get into AP, pre-AP or regular, and what electives to choose. "March 22 should be the final day to change classes for the fall semester, " counselor Alice Rogers said. "Although there are always extenuating circumstances,...

Rider Participates in Hearts for Haiti

Rider Participates in Hearts for Haiti

Shelby Ross

February 12, 2010

On Friday, Feb. 12 all WFISD Teachers and Students were challenged to donate $1 or more to benefit the victims of Haiti. At the moment, Rider has raised $620 so far for Hearts for Haiti. Rider has also had fundraisers such as Hoops for Haiti and Teacher Jean Day which raised over $900.


January 25, 2010

The bell rings. "Ugh,I'm late. Again!" she mutters as she runs to the locker room. Everyone else has already gotten dressed out and ran to the field. She flings herself to the floor and starts dialing her combination. It won't open. After three tries, she gives up and decides to leave her belongings...

Blockbuster Takes a Bow

Dani Adams and Dani Adams

January 20, 2010

Americans were recently shocked to learn that Blockbuster is planning to close over 800 of its nationwide stores including the one just a block from Rider. “My friends were talking about how they went and bought bunches of movies,” sophomore Sarah Harmer said. “Apparently it was [closing] because...

Harrell Provides Alternative to Seniors Behind in Credits

Shelby Ross

January 20, 2010

Students who are behind on credits are resorting to Harrell. Harrell Accelerated Learning Center is an accredited high school that meets the needs of non-traditional students in the Wichita Falls Independent School District. From pregnant teens to  those having problems staying in school, Harrell gives...

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