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Emmanuel Carrillo will be boxing at nationals again next month.

More than nationals await Carrillo

Rider boxer preps for big fight, next career step

April 13, 2023

Senior Emmanuel Carrillo is no stranger to success.

A seven-time national champion and Junior Olympic gold medalist, he is preparing for his next nationals May 5-12. 

This time is different however, because as an 18-year-old, he will have to prove himself among older fighters in his first elite nationals.

Last week he started rigorous preparation for nationals, which includes 30 hours a week of training. 

“I eat air for breakfast and sleep for dinner,” Carrillo said. “Mainly I just eat a lot of chicken, fish, any type of veggies, stay away from fruits, only water, salmon, steaks.”

Carrillo’s motivation to box is his father, Emmanuel Carrillo Sr., who got him into boxing in the first place.

 “I got pictures when I was in diapers with boxing gloves,” Carrillo said. 

Carrillo Sr. boxed for eight years, winning three Golden Glove titles, and having a record of 36-3. 

“I motivated him to get into boxing as a way to instill discipline, dedication and a hard work ethic,” Carrillo’s father said. 

Aside from pushing him in boxing, Carrillo’s father inspires him to be a better person. 

“He’s a big role model,” Carrillo said. “He’s taught me how to decide from right and wrong, and do what I have to to succeed in life.” 

Carrillo plans to continue boxing after high school, and if he qualifies he’ll have decide between fighting for the Olympic team for the U.S. or Mexico or going pro.

“I was ranked No. 1 in the nation for two years,” Carrillo said. “I’ve been ranked in the top two in the nation for the past six years. Junior Olympic gold twice, and hopefully next year I’ll have Olympic gold.”

While boxing is important to Carrillo, his education is equally important. He plans on continuing his education, double majoring in pre-med and nursing.

“We have always had a saying ‘books before hooks’ because education to us is more important than any sport,” Carrillo’s father said. “We are very proud of his academic achievements and the character he has built as a good young man. I am looking forward to him continuing his education to earn the ‘title’ of a degree and for him to continue his boxing career and become a world champion.”

After graduation, Carrillo will face the many challenges that come with adulthood. 

“It’s a little nerve-wracking,” Carrillo said. “I like high school, it’s pretty fun. I get to live a calm life and I don’t have to pay bills or rent. I have my friends here. It’s kind of intimidating, I have to start life and build a career basically, but we all have to do that at some point.”

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