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Ashley Anderson squats during the City View meet.

Q/A With Girls Powerlifting State Qualifiers

March 10, 2023

After a successful season, the Rider girls powerlifting team moves on to state with four girls qualifying. The Rider Chronicle sat down with each qualifier to discuss how they feel as they attend the state meet in Frisco’s Comerica Center on March 18.

Q: How does it feel to be a state qualifier?

Kensley Almanza: I’m excited. I’m really proud of myself that I made it this year, because I worked hard.

Ashley Anderson: Honestly I don’t know, but I’m really excited. And excited about going.

Taegan Correll: Shock. I wasn’t going to state. I was third.

Emma Reitan: I was really happy and excited.

Q: How did you find out you qualified?

Almanza: Coach Davidson told me I made state before they even announced it or gave me my medal. So, I just found out when everyone else found out. I placed second in my weight class.

Anderson: Me and Emma tied on purpose. They had the standings right there and I memorized the people in front me.

Correll:  The girl in front of me was disqualified. We were changing and someone was crying, and I realized when I came out of the stall that it was the girl from my weight class. She was really upset and said how she didn’t mean to drop the bar. I mean I felt so sorry for her. But then when we walked out of the bathroom I said to Kim (Marks) I just made state.

Reitan: Me and Ashley decided to tie on purpose so both of us could go. The only way I could have gone is if I pulled 270, which is a 20-pound PR. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get it or not, but I did.

 Q: How are you preparing?

Almanza: I am working out 24/7 and eating good.

Anderson: I’m just waiting for it to happen.

Correll: Working out still and trying to gain a little bit of weight back because I will not make weight.

Reitan: I do CrossFit and I’ve been lifting and going to workouts and eating right.

Q: What is your favorite/best lift and why?

Almanza: Deadlift because it’s what I’m best at and it’s fun.

Anderson: Squat because I can lift heavy with it.

Correll: Probably bench. That’s probably the one that I’m not really worried about.

Reitan: Bench because I’m good at it.

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