Phyllis Wright has been a steady influence at Rider for decades. (Rene Banda/Rider Media )
Phyllis Wright has been a steady influence at Rider for decades.

Rene Banda/Rider Media

Various subjects, one true passion

Phyllis Wright reflects on her time as teacher and a raider

March 9, 2022

Teaching is a journey for everyone in the profession. For about four decades, it became quite an adventure for Phyllis Wright. She helps students that are behind and works with them on passing classes. 

For Wright, the accomplishments of students encourage her to continue in furthering her teaching to impact young people’s lives.

“This program is great and helps them graduate and achieve something for themselves. It’s a new day every day, and something different happens every day,” Wright said. “You just never know. It could be horrible or sometimes it’s great, and when I used to work in a factory it was the same thing every day. It’s just an upgrade.”

Having been in the profession for so many years, she has had many other jobs besides being a teacher.

“I have taught drama, speech, driver’s ed and have been an assistant principal,” she said. “I’ve taught a little bit of everything.”

However, Wright does have a favorite subject she’s taught — math. Wright believes having a passion for teaching must mean there’s something you like about it and makes you want to continue teaching.

“What my favorite thing about teaching is when they accomplish something and seeing the kids successful, especially in this program when they graduate.”

Wright’s impact has not gone unnoticed, as she has been nominated for teacher of the year.

“One year I was nominated for teacher of the year and that was a very good memory because that was my peers and it was very supportive hearing from them.” 

Rider’s days are numbered, and Wright wants to go out being a Raider. 

“I plan on retiring before everyone goes to the new school,” she said. “It’s just something I don’t want to move forward with.”

Wright is a great teacher and is trusted by her peers with her work.

“She always does what is asked of her and she helps so many students with so many different subjects,” associate principal TiAda Radtke said. “She’s very reliable when it comes to work and with her experience she knows what can be done to help or finish the job.”

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