The movie poster for the iconic film “Twilight”.
The movie poster for the iconic film “Twilight”.

Movies for a vivacious Valentines

February 14, 2022

Valentine’s day can be a controversial holiday. Many people either love or hate it, but most would agree that this holiday can be an excuse for one thing: watching romance movies. Some of the Rider Chronicle staff shared their favorite movies centered around love.

The Princess Bride

While I don’t genuinely watch that many romance movies, one of my favorite movies of all time is The Princess Bride. While it isn’t solely based on love, it includes many different characteristics of it. I watched this movie all the time growing up, and it’s a staple in my household. Not only is it incredibly funny, but it also includes many themes of romantic and platonic love. The movie is centered around a father telling his son a bedtime story, so a lot of the story is a typical cliche medieval fairytale. However, they stay from the typical princess movies by adding a certain level of humor that can be easily missed by the younger audience. My entire family loves this movie, so it’s great for all ages to see. I also believe that everyone was in love with Westley at some point in their lives. The characters are all hilarious and no matter how many times I watch it, it will never get boring. I will always love this movie and part of the reason it’s so important to me is because of the memories associated with it. Many would argue that this does not count as a romance movie, but I strongly disagree. -Allie Stubblefield


I had an extremely difficult time deciding on a movie, as you can take almost any movie and argue it’s romance. I’m honestly still torn. One of the movies on the top of my romance list is Twilight. I know what you’re thinking: “Olivia, that’s really cliche and stupid.”, but I’m here to tell you how wrong you are. If you have only seen the movie without reading the books and with the intent of hating it, then you have a small ground to stand on. The best part of this movie is the book it’s putting on screen. I read every Twilight book in sixth grade and it became an obsession. My copies of ‘Twilight’ and ‘Breaking Dawn’ are worn down from the numerous rereads they have been through (New Moon does not get this kind of treatment. I have read through New Moon once and will never again). It’s the nostalgia that makes the movie so great, that moment when you are rewatching on some random rainy Monday night and think to yourself: “I think I’m going to reread Twilight, I forgot how good it is.” Also if you are team Jacob you’re completely wrong, but that’s an entirely different discussion. From the moment they first speak, to Port Angeles, school pick up to “you better hold on tight spider monkey”, this movie is a cinematic masterpiece. Robert Pattinson being the lead definitely helps my case as well. So go, read every single Twilight book, watch all the movies, then rewatch ‘Twilight’ and tell me you don’t want a love like Edward and Bella. You can’t. -Olivia Davenport

2 Hearts

I don’t usually absolutely love the romantic movies I’ve watched. Though, a movie rated high on my list is “2 Hearts.” Based on a true story, the movie parallels two separate couples in different phases of their lives until their paths connect due to one fateful situation. The love stories between each couple were cute to me and weren’t directly proportional to the corny romance movies currently dominating Netflix. -Sandra Le

Can’t Buy Me Love

When it comes to romantic movies, Can’t Buy Me Love has my heart. This love story starts with a nerdy high school boy bribing a popular cheerleader to be his girlfriend for a month. What starts out as comedy ends in a beautiful love story and that’s why I love it so much! It has an underlying message that love can not be bought which is important in a world where wealth is important, but love triumphs over it all. I will be watching this movie wishing I could ride off into the sunset on a lawnmower with Patrick Dempsey. -Sara Pratt

Hallmark movies

Hallmark romance movies are cheesy. The two lovers meet, or have known each other all their lives. They become involved in some sort of activity or circumstance, and start to fall in love. Then, an argument or conflict occurs, and they don’t talk to each other for days, both are heartbroken. Then, one realizes their true feelings, and tells the other. They kiss, and then are dating or even engaged. In between the conflict and the romance, other characters interact with the main characters to push the story along. The end credits then play, ending the movie. The plot is so simple, and makes every day life look easy. Sometimes I wish I lived in a Hallmark movie. Ever since I first started watching the different movies, I have loved every single one. I don’t have a specific favorite, they are all alike, but my favorite thing about the movies are the relationships and friendships the characters form. They focus on the positivity in any conflict, and always end in a happy ending. -Kylie Davenport

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