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Adam Roberts keeps active by walking to where he needs to go instead of driving.

Roberts stays on the move

April 20, 2023

Even though The Proclaimers may not have meant it literally when they said they’d walk 500 miles in their 1980s hit song, senior Adam Roberts seemed to have taken them up on the challenge.

In Robert’s year of walking everywhere he goes, he has certainly beaten that distance. 

“I started walking last spring, so it’s been a little over a year now. Luckily my house is about two miles from everything I go to, so it’s not too far,” Roberts said. “I usually have to leave around 6:15-6:20 a.m. for school.”

Roberts has been working at Chick-Fil-A during this time, and while he now gets off around 8 p.m., he initially didn’t get off until 10 p.m. 

“I’m not really uncomfortable with walking so much, I’ve really just gotten used to it,” Roberts said. “Walking from work I’d be walking pretty late at night around 11 p.m., sometimes around midnight. So I’m kind of used to it.”

While frequent long walks may appear to some as a nightmare, Roberts doesn’t see it that way.

“Originally I walked because it was my only way to get around, but now I’ve just found it very peaceful,” Roberts said. “It can be inconvenient sometimes, but it’s kind of a way to unwind. Walking around can just be like 15 or 20 minutes to myself to destress.”

But as expected, walking isn’t always the most perfect mode of transportation, it can come with its inconveniences. 

“Occasionally there are days where I do wish I had a car, like when I need to get somewhere quick,” He said. “But then walking somewhere just reminds me to slow everything down.”

Despite its imperfections, Roberts likes to look at benefits, such as his health.

“I would definitely say it helps my physical health,” Roberts said. “It helps me stay active, and I do other things for that as well, but walking just constantly keeps me trying to stay active.”

Even when Roberts does eventually get a car, he plans on keeping up with his habit.

“For college I’ll need to get something, but I’ll still probably be walking most of the time,” he said.

Dr. Aaron Wilson has had a long history with Roberts, having taught him since his first period freshman year.

As you can imagine, the hard work and determination it takes to walk so many miles translates into other aspects of Robert’s life, such as his academics.

“He’s an excellent student, he has a great work ethic and works very well with other students, definitely outstanding,” Wilson said. “I would have to say that work ethic is what he’s strongest at.”

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