Reflecting on this year’s prom

May 5, 2021


The thumping bass coming from the speakers, the decorations gleaming under twinkling lights, the click of the cameras taking photos for lifetime memories.

The Enchanted Forest prom was more of a success than most people thought it would be, including the one who organized it all, junior class sponsor Marina King. 

Prom has usually always been the first week in April, but since they only got the go-ahead on it two weeks before that date, King made the calculating decision to plan it for April 24 With such a close date, finding a venue and DJ were important, and the frantic search began. 

This year’s prom was probably one of the most crowded ones as well. King estimated about 300 students were in attendance. 

“We almost sold out of tickets, which has never happened before. Almost everyone but six people bought their tickets in advance, so I think it was a huge success,” King said. “The kids were really excited. They didn’t take it for granted, with most things being canceled this year or taken away.”

The success of the prom was not the only surprise of the night. This year’s prom queen and king — Macy Davis and Leon Hernandez — were considered by many to be underdogs. 

“Me and Leon have a joke where we think all the theater kids came together to vote for us and demolish the rest of the competition,” Davis said. “I was surprised that I made it that far. The fact that I was even nominated was such an honor. I thought it was the furthest I would go, that it was obvious I wouldn’t win.” 

Hernandez has similar feelings about the subject and what was a memorable experience. 

“When they announced my name, my heart just stopped. Everyone was screaming all around me,” he said. “I was so shocked.” 

King believed that having prom at an off-school location was such a success that she hopes to continue that next year. She also plans on having tickets sold in a two-week period during lunches to make it more organized. 

“Honestly this year was very different, and I did notice a lot more students that knew for sure they were going to go,” King said. “I do think this is probably the best one we have had so far.” 

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