Q/A with senior Raiderette captain Allison Clancy


River Morgan

Allison Clancy is a senior who will be honored Friday night.

Olivia Davenport, Staff Writer

Friday night will be a special one for many as it’s Senior Night for the Class of 2021’s JROTC, band, Raiderettes, cheerleaders and football. The Rider Chronicle is having a series of Q/As with the leaders of each organization this week. First up is a virtual interview with senior Raiderette Captain Allison Clancy to discuss her final year with the ROHO family.

Q: How long have you been in Raiderettes and why have you stayed this long?

A: I’ve been in Raiderettes since freshman year. I’ve stayed because it’s my absolute favorite part of school and something I get to look forward to every single day. Each year has brought me the best memories and has kept me wanting more!

Q: What makes Raiderettes special for you? 

A: My teammates make Raiderettes special for me. Each year’s team has been so different, bringing relationships and memories that I will forever cherish.

Q: What do you want to accomplish your senior year, both personally and within Raiderettes?

A: Personally, I want to become more intentional in everything I do. Corona has taught me that life is too short to live half-heartedly, so I don’t want to do that my senior year. Within Raiderettes, my main goal is to leave a positive impact on the team. I want to be a light for my team, especially since this year is so unusual. 

Q: What’s your favorite memory of Raiderettes?

A: My favorite memory is tied between performing at Disney World sophomore year and two-stepping at Hard Eight the night before competition with my team. This was junior year and everyone was just genuinely happy and having so much fun. 

Q: What will you miss once you leave?

A: I will definitely miss all of the Friday night lights. The excitement that happens when the band plays “Louie Louie” is unmatchable. 

Q: What have you learned as a member of Raiderettes? 

A: As a member of Raiderettes, I have learned how to be a positive leader. I learned that your energy is contagious and what you say can have a bigger effect than you may think, which is important with 7 a.m. practice every morning. I also learned that it is important to be open-minded, an encouraging teammate and how to time manage.

Q: How have you changed since your freshman year and why?

A: My freshman year, I was pretty quiet and kept to myself. Each year I’ve become a little more confident and definitely opened up more! I’ve also become a better leader each year, learning from upperclassmen and previous captains and officers.

Q: What do you want to do after high school? Why? 

A: After high school, I want to go to college and hopefully continue dancing for a collegiate dance team. I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to dance! 

Q: Last message to your team. What do you want them to know? 

A: I would like my team to know that I am so beyond proud of them. This has been a tough year due to all the uncertainty with corona and transitioning to a new coach. This team has been so open-minded and comes to practice ready to give it their all. I love each and every one of my teammates and I’m looking forward to making more memories as the year goes on.