Q/A with Valentine’s Day couples: Bledsoe and Groves

Sophomores discuss their long-term relationship

Sandra Le, Reporter

With Valentine’s Day later this week, the Rider Chronicle sat down to interview many Rider couples about their relationship. 

Sophomores Bella Groves and Coleman Bledsoe have been dating for nearly two years. They discussed how they met, favorite memories and what annoys their partner among other topics in this Q/A.

Q: How did you guys meet?

B: We met in middle school in the seventh grade. At the beginning, we were just friends and then it wasn’t until eighth grade year when we became best friends first. 

C: Writing class. I used to ask her for a pencil. 

Q: Describe your partner.  

B: Goofy, hardworking, intelligent. Funny, loving, sarcastic definitely. Headstrong.

C:  Beautiful inside and out. 

Q: How did you start dating?

B: I remember he called my dad asking for permission to date me. Once my dad gave him permission, he came and asked me. 

C: We were friends for a really long time and then I asked her out. 

Q: What’s your favorite memory?

B: Every memory with him is always a good time. 

C: When I took her on a surprise date. I came and got her and she was super surprised. I took her to the park and we had a picnic. 

Q: What is your plan for Valentine’s Day? 

B: I’m not going to say. 

C: Her birthday is right before, so I’m probably going to get her some flowers, chocolate and a bear. 

Q: What’s something you do that annoys Bella? 

C: I don’t open up about things. Anytime I have issues I try to look over them and don’t really like to share.

Q: What’s something Coleman does that annoys you? 

B: He’s very stubborn and so am I. When he knows I’m right, he still fights for his answer. We’ll be in an argument and he knows he’s wrong, but he’ll still fight because he’s stubborn. But we both do that. It’s just something we do, I guess. 

Q: What are the keys to a good relationship? 

B: Jesus is the center of our relationship and I truly believe that is why we work so well, we continually build each other up spiritually and keep each other on track!

C: Communication and our relationship with God.