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How to survive Rider-Old High week

Last year in the Happening parade featured many organizations floats.

Mandy Huynh, Editor-in-Chief

November 4, 2019

There’s something in the air during the first week of November. Perhaps it’s the excessive glitter used in the countless posters plastered on the hallways, or maybe it’s the 100-degree weather taking a sharp turn to below zero? Either way, early November is something everyone should be excited for,...

Two Teams, One Family

Two Teams, One Family

Carson Lee, Editor-In-Chief

November 15, 2018

Whistles blew, and the first quarter was over. Screams of anticipation for the big game settled, and Wichita Falls Independent School District Superintendent Michael Kuhrt drew the attention of both Raiders and Coyotes. He announced that student council members would be walking through the stands. As t...

Faculty focuses on moving 50-year rivalry from streets to football field

November 22, 2010

Glory. Triumph. Spirit. Over the years, Rider High School and Wichita Falls High School have battled it out, competing for bragging rights as the winning high school for the year. The reason? When Rider was founded, it split Wichita Falls High School in two, and half of the students transferred to the...

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