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A ‘Major’ Change

A 'Major' Change

Chris Greenwood, Co-Chief Editor

February 1, 2017

Most days, Senior Army Instructor Robert Smith doesn't just step into his car and spend 20 minutes travelling to work. He spends about one and a half hours and crosses a state border to teach his classes. "I started getting information on JROTC about 2 years before my retirement and always, in some...

‘Hardwiring Happiness’: Laughlin Starts Future Early With National Guard

JROTC Executive Officer Austin Laughlin salutes the inspector at the JROTC inspection Dec. 9. The inspection is usually in April. In spite of the early date the group met requirements with a satisfactory score.

Abby Love, Reporter

December 12, 2014

Austin Laughlin runs through the woods with a 60 lb. bag on his back, all strapped in and secure, with more people in the same uniform running behind him. Everything is going as planned until something changes. A member of his platoon stumbles down a slanted path into the trees and grass after one backpack...

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