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The Next Step: Seniors Accepted Into Dream Colleges Early

The Next Step: Seniors Accepted Into Dream Colleges Early

Maddie Box, Reporter

December 12, 2014

With the first semester of this year coming to a close, seniors are feeling the pressure to get all of their applications in. Although there are many seniors who do not know where they want to go to college, some seniors knew long before this year. Leigh McBride, for instance, started touring colleges...

Faculty Members Clear Students Doubts

Karla Alvarado and Reporter

March 28, 2014

Students often have doubts about the differences between AP and regular classes. College/Career counselor Julie Johnson does not believe that superior intelligence is a must to be in pre-AP and AP classes. “It helps to be really smart but you don’t have to be in order to take AP classes because...

Once We Enter College It’s Either Smooth Or Rough Sailing, The Choice Is Ours


March 28, 2014

After high school, we begin to enter the “real world”. We begin to move out of the house, get new jobs, and maybe go to college. But instead of our superiors nagging at us to get our lives together, we are on our own this time. No test corrections. No extra credit. No second chances. The only...

Tips From College; Alum Shares Advice For Seniors

Ashleigh Robinson, Reporter

May 21, 2012

That moment had arrived for her. It was a moment she had been anticipating for years, four to be exact. Everything she had been working toward came to fruition in one ceremony.  At that point, she was beyond ready to graduate. But now as she readies to enter her junior year in college, there are a few...

Seniors Attend ASP Signing Day

Seniors Attend ASP Signing Day

May 3, 2012

ASP seniors took part in Signing Day May 1 at the Education Center. ASP College Advisor Jaclyn Muensterman said the day is a chance to recognize students for their hard work with grants and scholarships from colleges and universities. It's also a chance to recognize parents for their work and support...

Recessionary Gap Causes Education Costs To Rise: Students Taking Out Larger Loans Than Normal

Kyler Norman, Staff Writer

May 1, 2012

The U.S economy has caused inflated college prices that are creating financial problems for students. College and Career Counselor Julie Johnson said school loan debt is quickly becoming the largest debt in America. “Unfortunately college, like every thing else, is getting more and more expensive...

Seniors find various different options to save money on higher education

April 5, 2012

She sat before the monitor, staring at the application that had the potential to change her life forever. She was excited for the possibilities looming just as soon as she hit submit, but nervously realized that once she did, she might not be able to live out the dreams she had created for herself. Senior...

Can what I post on Facebook affect my chances of getting accepted to college? Experts share their opinions.

Can what I post on Facebook affect my chances of getting accepted to college? Experts share their opinions.

March 21, 2011

"As the age of the admissions officers become younger and younger, Facebook and other social networks are simply part of their culture. It used to be that admission offices would have a lot of hoops to get through to ever access this information. Now, many grandparents have a Facebook account. While there aren't many schools actively searching stud...

Senior Signs with College

Michael Johnson

March 2, 2010

The score is tied. With the game on the line he drives the ball down-field. Heart pumping with adrenaline as he shakes past a defender. Now the only obstacle in his way of the game winning goal is wearing a long sleeve shirt, a different jersey than his teammates, and a pair of gloves. He takes the shot....

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