The Rider Chronicle

Your 2016-17 Lunch Report

Jacob H. Wooten, Reporter, Website Manager

February 1, 2017

Fifteen minutes is all it takes to put the eyes of a student into the view of an administrator. Fifteen minutes that WFISD cut from every high school’s lunch time in order to compensate for new state legislation. House Bill 2610 aims to give school districts more leeway with scheduling. “Sometime...

Morning Without Choice

Jordan Starks, Contributor

November 22, 2013

I lay comfortably in my bed sleep, and then my alarm blares off. I sluggishly roll over and silence the alarm and check the time. Yup, its 5:30am, as I peel back the covers and lift myself out of bed. No one else is awake. I proceed to throw on my clothes, as I groan as I look out the window at the dark...

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