The cover photo from Taylor Swift’s re-recorded album:Red Taylor’s Version, which was released Nov. 12.
The cover photo from Taylor Swift’s re-recorded album:Red Taylor’s Version, which was released Nov. 12.

Review: Taylor’s Top Songs

December 8, 2021

With the recent re-record of Taylor Swift’s beloved album Red, I have created a ranking of my favorite songs, including some of her new “from the vault” songs. This list was difficult considering I love every song on the album, but I managed to narrow down my top 10 songs from Red (Taylor’s Version).

1.All Too Well (10 min. version)

First on my list is the 10-minute version of “All Too Well.” This one is to be expected, as it was the most anticipated song on the re-record of Red. This song in itself is so good, but the new lyrics added so much depth to the song. Taylor connected a lot of dots in this song, and it’s definitely on repeat.

2.I Almost Do

This song has been a favorite of mine for many years, and nothing changed when she re-recorded it. Getting to experience some of these songs again at an older age is really cool because I can relate to them so much better. 

3.Girl At Home

Most of the re-recorded songs on this album are exactly the same, because Swift wanted to be able to own her songs. However, with the re-record comes the opportunity for her to create some of her songs the way she had always wanted to but never got the chance to. With “Girl At Home,” she gets to bring a more pop element and make it so much more fun and upbeat.

4.The Moment I Knew

I’m normally not a huge fan of slower songs, but it perfectly captures the feelings from being left alone. I love how it starts slow but slowly gets more emotional, building up throughout the song.

5.Nothing New

I was extremely excited when Swift announced that Phoebe Bridgers would be collaborating with her on one of her vault songs. I’m a pretty big fan of Bridgers, and I think that both of their voices flow well together. This song was extremely good, and I hope that with more album re-records, there will be even more collaborations with other beloved artists.

6.The Last Time

This song is one of the saddest ones on the album. It’s ranked on my list because it makes me cry every single time, no questions asked. With Swift’s more mature voice, it still captures the same heartbreaking feelings and sounds even better than before.

7.Begin Again

One of the main reasons this song is on my list is because of the nostalgia I feel when I listen to it. When it first came out when I was 8 years old, this song was on repeat. I was obsessed with it growing up, and that hasn’t changed. It’s a good break from the sadness and heartbreak this album brings.

8.Better Man

Since the release of this song by Little Big Town in 2016, I have been obsessed. When I found out Taylor had written it, I was so excited. I never thought that she would have released it as a vault song, but nonetheless she did. It’s exciting when the writer of the song releases their version because it captures the true feelings of the song.

9.Everything Has Changed

Like most songs on this album, this song tears at my heartstrings. Swift and Ed Sheeran’s voices sound so good together. This song has been extremely popular over the years and has only grown bigger with the re-record.

10.I Knew You Were Trouble

Most of the songs are slow and sad, but this song is a good break from all of that and is super fun to listen to. It’s a great song to scream at the top of your lungs and get angry over. Every time this song comes on, I’m immediately singing.

Honorable Mention- The Very First Night

Even though I could only use my top ten favorite songs, I had to include this song. This song sparks so much joy and is so fun. It reminds me of “Stay Stay Stay”, which is a song I love a lot as well. Even though the situation is less than exciting, I’m grateful that Swift is able to re-record the albums she doesn’t own because it allows her fans to be able to hear new music that would have never seen the light of day otherwise.

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