Things to do in Wichita Falls A-Z

Read about some ideas for a staycation at home

The Coronavirus has canceled all of your Spring Break travel plans. Now what? Here is an A-Z guide to keep you busy over the break. 

A- Arcade

The Deep End costs only $5 for unlimited games. Don’t let the outside fool you! Maniac’s Mansion (TAG’s) is also another great option; it’s only $7 for entrance and access to the all-you-can-eat cereal bar. In both places you can find an overload of vintage games. 


B- Bowling 

Grab a couple of friends and head down to Village Bowl they have special events Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. If you live near Sheppard then South Bowling Lanes or Xtreme Bowling at North Lanes is a great place to try. 


C- Camping

Get in touch with your inner caveman. If nature turns out to be too much for you, there’s no shame in staying in your backyard. 


D- Drive In movies (Graham)

Are sick of paying for overpriced popcorn and movie tickets at the regular theatre? Then head over to Graham’s Drive-In Theatre. Check out their website for showtimes. 


E- Escape games

Poke your brain with an escape game. Although there aren’t any near Wichita Falls, the metroplex has plenty! Arlington Parks Mall and Grapevine have some great options. 


F- Falls. Go to the Wichita Waterfall. 

The Falls is a great place for photos and picnics.


G- Gypsy Kit/ Gidgets Sandwich Shack 

If you find yourself downtown, grab some fries from the Gypsy Kit and any sandwich from Gidget’s, or a brownie if you have a sweet tooth. 


H- Harrold

Visit the Little Eden Animal Farm and find Old MacDonald!


I- Ice skating

The Galleria and Arlington Parks Mall in the metroplex are great places to shop and skate… and fall on your butt. 


J- Jacksboro. 

Take a road trip to Jacksboro, Texas and visit the Fort Richardson State Park & Historic Site and the many trails you can explore. 


K- Kayaking and Paddle boarding. 

If you’re a daredevil, paddle boarding is the activity for you! Kayaking is a bit safer, but both are still enjoyable activities. 


L- Lakes. 

Swim and go boating with your friends at the many lakes North Texas has to offer!



The MPEC has some great events going during spring break. You wanna see some tiny fighting? Go see Micro Wrestling Saturday night from 8-10 p.m.  


N- Nails. Get yo nails done. 

You can go to a salon, or you could give yourself a mani pedi at home. 


O- Odd Duck Cafe 

Grab yourself a foreign cup of coffee! Desserts galore from scones to ice cream. 


P- Picnic

Tired of eating sad sandwiches? Now, eat your sad sandwiches with a change of scenery. 


Q- Quit procrastinating. 

Why are you reading this list? Get your work done.


R- Rivalry. 

Catch the Rider soccer games at Memorial Stadium. The boys play at 5 p.m. and girls will play at 7 p.m. 


S- Stargazing

It’s romantic. Wink wink (;


T- Thrifting. 

Shopping is a lot of fun but not everyone has the dough to buy themselves a new wardrobe. We all know the usual places for thrifting, Goodwill and Salvation Army. Downtown has some great deal you can get, Alley Cat and the thrift store on Ohio Ave. 


U- Urban Air.

rEACh fOr tHe skYYY. 


V- Vroom Vroom Road trip 

Is Wichita Falls starting to bore you? Take a trip with your friends and family to any other town in Texas! 


W- Wichita Mountains. 

Drive up Mount Scott or try a meer burger in Medicine Park!


X- Let’s just stay away from x rays and xylophones (:

We got nothing. Stay away from your ex. 


Y- Yogurt. Frozen Yogurt. 

Soft serve yoself. 


Z- Zzz’s.

After doing all of these activities, you must be tired. Take a nap homie.