Rivalry Week: A Time for Tradition

Carson Lee, Editor-In-Chief

This was the 57th year of Rider tradition, and rivalry week has concluded. Traditions were upheld, games were played, and memories were made. Now, we will take a look back at the annual customs that make up Rider Old High week.

To start off, the halls throughout the class are decorated to fit the theme of this historic week. Raiders from all 4 graduating classes as well as from different organizations participated in the tradition.

Later in the week, as raiders prepare for the big game, the annual senior skit is held. This includes several small performances that seniors present to the student body as a way to take a look at what has happened over the course of their high school years.

Also on Thursday, raiders participate in “The Happening.” Current students as well as those of the past gather around campus for a parade led by student organizations, before packing into the gym. Seniors circle around the cheerleaders, who are holding candles, while others hike up the stairs into the stands. As flashlights illuminate the pitch black gym, the Acapella Choir performs their traditional songs of “Beautiful Savior” and the Alma Mater. To conclude the entire crowd repeatedly chants “Poor coyotes! Poor coyotes!”

With The Happening’s conclusion, Rider students attend class breakfasts the following morning before flowing into the school, where they observe Mum Day.  Other than the sound of bells hanging off of mums, it’s complete silence. The anticipation builds throughout the day until the raiders again pack the gym for the final pep rally of the year. The band plays as students file in. Then, in a culmination, the victory bell rings. The raiders use their voice for the first time of the day. An overwhelming yell is let out, and the game is only a few hours away.

Finally the game is here. Thousands barrel into Memorial Stadium and the game is on. No matter the outcome, another long-standing tradition the following evening is Roundup, a western themed school dance. There, Mr. and Miss Raider winners are announced. This year, Mr. Raider was Ty Caswell and Miss Raider was Devon Browning. Throughout the years of tradition and in those to come, Rider Old High week brings together a family of Rider Raiders together.