New Voter Advise


For many reasons this particular election is one like no other. A famous businessman with little political experience, but a headstrong boldness is going against the first female candidate who has political experience is going to make the competition fierce. Many veteran voters are rattled by the options, some to the point of not voting, but the first time voters can find themselves thrown into the deep end rather than getting their feet wet.

Mr. Hartman, head of and an instructor within the history department, can understand why in this particular election, someone would refrain from voting. He said both candidates of the major parties are fairly unpredictable.

At the age of 18, the age officially starting adulthood, many seniors qualify for voting in this year’s election.

However, very few are actually going to vote but it’s not just this demographic, states Mr. Owens, who teaches U.S. History. He says an estimated 20-percent of the population that can vote will actually vote.

When choosing to vote it is important to have key evidence for one’s decision. It would be rather unfortunate for one’s candidate to be selected, but end up being far from at a glance expectations. Rather than relying on one source of information, it would be wise to gather from a variety of sources, so that once the ballots are open, a confident vote can be placed.

“We have veterans who have fought and died for our rights in this country,” Mr. Hartman said.” We honor their memory by exercising our rights.”