Exercise voting rights

There is a reason legislatures don’t listen to young people.
“You can complain that the government doesn’t pay attention to young people, but it’s because you don’t go out and vote,” Goodman said. “Young people have the lowest voter turnout of any age group. If they would turn out in large numbers they could actually control the outcome of the election.”
Goodman said political parties are important to keeping Democracy.
“I think political parties bring competition, which brings Democracy,” Goodman said. “Of course, several of the founding fathers warned against political parties; they called them factions, but the problem is if you don’t have factions, or political parties you don’t have freedom, and if you don’t have freedom you don’t have democracy.”
Goodman said If you don’t vote, you don’t have a reason to complain about the government.
“When 53 percent of the eligible population actually vote that 53 percent is telling not only that section but the other 47 percent how to live their lives,” Goodman said
There are a few common misconceptions people have about voting.
“Some people still believe that juries are chosen from people who are registered to vote, but we don’t do it that way anymore,” Goodman said. “Another thing is they think ‘it doesn’t matter what I think people are going to do what they believe anyway,’ but one vote added to one more vote and other votes will add up to a majority and that’s what you need to do to control the government.
Goodman said voting is a right that students shouldn’t take for granted.
“I believe that’s one of the reasons our military fights, for our freedom of choice and our democracy, and I will not diminish the contributions with their lives and their time and family by ignoring my right to vote,” Goodman said.