Beware of Winter Weather

Wichita Falls residents are advised to use extreme caution throughout the remainder of the week as the winter weather becomes more severe.

Wind chills are expected to drop between -5 and -30 degrees, meaning flip-flops, shorts and t-shirts are definitely a bad idea. In this cold weather, wind chills can begin to freeze skin in under thirty minutes, causing frostbite. To help prevent frostbite, one should stay out of extreme cold as much as possible, but if one must go out in the cold, be sure to dress in layers, be aware of any numbness or prickly feelings, and stay aware of wind chill values.

Drivers should be sure to warm up their cars for at least five minutes before hitting the road, but one should make sure the car doors are locked. Car theft increases in winter weather when drivers leave their cars running to warm up, or stay warm without locking the doors. Drivers should also be sure to remove ice from their windows and windshields to insure one can clearly see the road wile driving.

Drivers and pedestrians alike must use extreme caution during these dangerous weather conditions.