District testing furniture for new schools


Lenia Lange/Rider Media

Two Rider classrooms have received new furniture as the district tests out what students and staff prefer before the new schools open.

Testing the new and taking out the old. 

Certain classes at Rider have been given the opportunity to try new furniture, which differs greatly compared to the typical seats students are used to. The school district is testing out different furniture for the two new high schools. 

Currently, Keri Jones’ math class and Jessica Studer’s English class have new furniture. Assistant Principal Dr. Troy Farris said he hopes to receive more for other classes next year. 

The furniture has a variety of new chairs to sit in, from ones that rock, wobble, roll and rotate. This added mobility is used to stimulate focus while also keeping students active.

The new furniture is more comfortable, and Jones thinks it might help her students focus and see the front of her class better. 

“The furniture helps the kids be more comfortable and happy getting to decide,” Jones said. “Personally I don’t really know why I was chosen but I’m really grateful to have been chosen and I’m happy for my students because they really love it.

“Flexible seating and having student choice is really good for them, plus it makes them feel valued. Having desks that vary from high desk and low desk helps them focus more on me.” 

A student from Jones’ class, Vivianna Guerrero, said she loves the usefulness of the chairs and how they help students. 

“They are so much better than the old ones we had,” Guerrero said. “They also help store our backpacks beneath them and having the ability to roll around makes it feel much better. It also gives you a good chance to see the board because you can pick a tall chair or a short chair. It makes me feel more comfortable getting to see the board equally.”

Farris is looking forward to testing the new furniture before the district welcomes Memorial and Legacy high schools in the fall of 2024. 

“We hope to buy some more (furniture) and test it with other classrooms,” Farris said. “The district was willing to give Rider and other schools in the district a chance to test them out before they give them to the new school. With the old furniture, we might give it to other teachers or schools that need it more than us.”