Passing the time

Students share activities they’ve picked up over quarantine


Meghan Helton, Reporter

It has now been a month since Wichita Falls went into quarantine. More than four full weeks of the year confined to the walls of one’s home. While the world outside is raging with good and bad news, what are the students doing at home to ease the boredom?

The popular opinion seems to be a range of gloomy emotions, such as feeling “lonely”, “sad” and “trapped.” For many, almost all social aspects of their life have been cut off. Apart from participating in FaceTimes or even phone calls, it’s hard to get the same feeling that comes from being surrounded by friends.

“I always feel like I want to go home, but I’m always here,” senior Danny Tu said. “So I’m never satisfied.”

Other students, however, are not so bummed about this extended break.

“I’ve been fine overall,” junior Analisa Alvarez said. “But I do miss having a productive set schedule.”

It seems all the extra time at home has become more of a plague than a blessing for most of the student body. Once the schoolwork, studying, applications and tests are done, what else is there to do?

“I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning and reorganizing,” sophomore Emily Collins said. “I’ve also started baking and running, the latter of which is very new for me.”

Cleaning and exercise have become more popular tasks for killing time. Among them, however, are the usual suspects of entertainment.

Playing videogames, baking and even gardening have been mentioned as activities that students are only now exploring with their extra time.

One prominent pastime would be Nintendo’s latest release of a new game in a beloved franchise: Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Since its release, students have spent hours upon hours growing, investing in and perfecting their imaginary islands. Compared to the current world situation, a tiny island paradise at your fingertips doesn’t sound so bad.

“I’ve put over 85 hours into [the game] since its release and I really think it’s fun,” senior Mason Combs said. “I really like seeing all of my favorite villagers from the past games in the new style and the graphics and music are great.”

Aside from this new phenomenon, students are finding more time to workout and enjoy slower activities such as puzzles and art. 

“I’ve picked up a little bit of drawing and sketching,” sophomore Steffanie Mock said. “I’ve definitely found time to do more things. I run every day now and I’ve started exploring different genres of music.”

The Wichita Falls shelter-in-place order is tentatively extended to May 5. Until the day where students can all finally leave our homes without fear of this disease, please stay home and stay safe.