The Longest Line at Rider grows

Son Caleb teaching, coaching with parents


From top left: Clay, Corey, and Caleb. From bottom left: Kim, Stacey, and Corey's fiancée, Jessica. Photo courtesy of the Longest Family.

Manasvi Reddy, Copy Editor

Caleb Longest wakes up under his parents’ roof before heading off to Algebra 2 in the mornings. 

However, he’s not a student at Duncan High School any more. This time he’s joining his parents at Rider as the newest Longest faculty member. 

There are several couples that were or are employed by Rider in the past, but having three family members working in the same building is an unusual phenomenon.

Kim Longest, a geometry teacher and football coach, transferred to Rider three years ago, and his wife Stacey moved the year after that.

“All of our boys had just moved out of the house, and he (Kim) was ready for something a little bit different,” Stacey said. “It just kind of happened. It was a happy accident, really and truly. This position was opening up, and I was looking for a full-time job, so I applied for it, and I got it.”

Well, I can’t lie and make myself look cool. The counselor ladies make sure I go visit my mom every day or else I get in trouble by them,”

— Caleb Longest

After graduating from Northwestern Oklahoma State, Caleb coached football and track in Marlow, Oklahoma for one year. When an opportunity presented itself to work in Wichita Falls with his dad, who coached all of his sons in high school, he decided to cross the Red River and join his parents at Rider.

“Ever since I’ve gotten into coaching, working with my dad has always been something I wanted to do,” he said. 

Now, with father and son sharing the football field, Stacey, the College & Career Clerk, isn’t too far away either.

“Well, I can’t lie and make myself look cool. The counselor ladies make sure I go visit my mom every day or else I get in trouble by them,” Caleb said.

The three family members feel fortunate to be working together and are enjoying the benefits of having one another as colleagues. 

“It’s just nice having them around, close,” said Kim, who coached in Oklahoma for 30 years. “If we forget anything, we have each other to lean on.” 

Though he’s living with his parents for the time being, Caleb is hoping to get a house of his own soon and settle in Wichita Falls.

Caleb is the middle of three sons. The oldest, Corey, is a teacher and coach in Oklahoma, while the youngest member of the family, Clay, is a student at Midwestern State University. 

Clay is studying to become a teacher-coach like his dad and older brothers, but for now, he’s already made his way into Rider football.

“In a way he is here; he does stats on Friday nights for the football team, so he’s on the sidelines as well,” Stacey said.