A Raiding Run

Nerd Club hosts Aliens vs. Humans fun run


Sandra Le, Reporter

Science teacher and Nerd Club sponsor Bryce Henderson will be in his own skin on the day of the Area 51 fun run despite being Team Alien. 

“I am Team Alien in my heart,” Henderson said, “but in reality, I don’t have a good alien costume.” 

The fun run will take place on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. at the Rider High School track. Team Alien will be released first and Team Human soon after. The course will be around the school track and the soccer field near Jefferson and will end at about 4:30 p.m.

According to Rider Nerd Club officer and junior Bella Campbell, the idea for the fun run came from the Area 51 memes that circulated on social media over the course of the summer. 

“It mainly came from the whole phenomenon over the Internet and Facebook scandal of raiding Area 51, and we thought, ‘Why don’t we make some revenue off of that?'” Campbell said.

The entry fee for this event is $5. The money will fund the Nerd Club’s future events, such as RiderCon. 

“It’s going to be a big nerd convention with gaming and possibly bringing in some guest appearances,” Henderson said. 

RiderCon will take place in 2021. Students will be able to exhibit products they’ve made and participate in many gaming tournaments. Cosplay will also be allowed. 

The fun run is also a place for costumes. Runners will be able to dress up as their favorite aliens or humans, depending on their teams. 

“Hopefully we have a lot of cute costumes,” Campbell said. 

Many people participating in the event will either be on Team Alien or Team Human. Some participants like Campbell and Henderson are anticipating the win of Team Alien, while others such as Tina Majdinasab expect Team Human to win the fun run.