The Game of a Lifetime

Sandra Le, Reporter

Some teenagers are often told that their attachment to their electronic devices “doesn’t allow them to fully enjoy life.” Now, thanks to the hard work of game developer Candywriter LLC, BitLife, a life-simulation game,  a person now has the opportunity to control a fictional character’s life from beginning to end. BitLife allows a person to do anything they could actually do in real life such as going to school, spending time with their parents, getting married, and many other things.

As a new life begins, a character is born with smarts, looks, health, and happiness. Each of which can vary between 0 to 100 percent, depending on the choices a person makes. Looks however, don’t change as much. The goal of the game is to lead a good life, maintaining a good relationship with other people as you do so.

“Sometimes I get really mad at the game cause my character is always depressed for some reason. The looks, happiness, and other stuff are actually pretty frustrating,” Freshman Kimberly Nguyen said.

Nguyen thinks that the game is fun and very entertaining, she can do anything she wants in the game and it’s only fictional, so it doesn’t affect her as much.

“It’s like playing your own life, but you can take risks and there aren’t any repercussions.” she said.

Senior Dominic Chavez enjoys playing BitLife because it lets him experience how life could be. Though, he doesn’t like the fact that any random person in the game can just come up and assault him.

“One time, I was playing and my life was perfect and I had 100 percent everything. Then this one guy comes out of nowhere and chops my head with an axe and all my smarts went to 20 and my looks went to zero. It was so bad,” Chavez said.  

BitLife allows a person to go through many lifetime experiences such as getting married or even getting arrested and going to prison.

“You can go to prison for way too long, like for a hundred years, and then you never get out, then it just makes the game boring,” Nguyen said.

Although the goal of the game is serious, BitLife can also be a humorous game. Not only can a character have the best life, but it can also have one of the worst lives if the person playing the game wants to do so.

“You can either make someone’s life really messed up, or you can make it really successful. It’s whatever you choose,” Nguyen said.

BitLife has been a huge hit on teens all over America and shows them how well or horrible their lives could turn out depending on the choices they make from childhood and adulthood.

“It’s a really addicting game that can teach you a few life lessons,” Nguyen said.