Written in the Stars

A look into zodiac signs


Sandra Le, Reporter

Zodiac signs are an interesting part of life. They supposedly show what your personality is like, who you’re more compatible with, or what your emotions are. The question is, do people actually believe in them?

Freshman Nichole Music explains that she always sees zodiac signs on Pinterest, and they’re interesting to look at, but she can’t relate to her zodiac sign at all. Though, there are other signs that she can almost fully relate to.  

“My zodiac sign is cancer and I’ve read that it’s a very aggressive sign, and I cannot relate to that in the slightest,” Music said.

Music says she does not believe that her sign can determine her love compatibility to and future. She states that if she can’t relate to her sign, then there’s no reason to believe in the things that come with it.

“I feel like zodiac signs are trying to get you to be something you’re not, or trying to predict what you are, and a person is way more complex than a couple predictions,” Music said.

On the other hand, freshman An Chiem follows plenty of zodiac sign accounts on Instagram and keeps up to date with her daily horoscopes.  Chiem says that she believes in her sign very much and can perfectly relate to them entirely, some more than others.

“Zodiac signs affect me on a daily basis because they allow me to see how well I work with others,” Chiem said.

Chiem says that most of her beliefs in zodiac signs comes from her family’s Asian heritage, where the people’s signs depend on the year that they are born. Their signs are represented by animals like monkeys or snakes. The Asian zodiac signs also warn people which other signs they should stay away from or look out for.

“My zodiac sign, the ram, has told me that I should stay away from bulls and oxes. As so, I do not get along well with some people who were born the year of the bull,” Chiem said.

Chiem says that some people might not believe in zodiac signs, but it’s okay because sooner or later, they’ll be able to see how much the signs really impact their lives.

“You might not believe in it now, but one or two reads in, it’s like the universe already figured you out and only you could feel the connection.”