Battle of the Arts 4 : Fine vs Fine

Inspiration : The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something creative.

Music is a special form of art. One that is split between Performing and Fine Arts. Focusing on the Fine Art side, with the rest of Fine Arts stuck in the moment of time it is framed, music is a wavering experience that comes and goes in the moment notes leave the instrument and fade upon invisible yet expressive sound waves. Expression is the process of making known one’s thoughts and feelings but also the connection between music and the visual Fine Arts.

“It helps relieves stress and is a good way to help improve yourself. You can strive for perfection.” The musically inclined, Aspen Fisher, states her artistic motivation in a conversation with the former Studio Artist Madison Carlston.

“I just have fun drawing. It’s awesome to see it when it’s done and think, ‘wow, I made that!’ I try to draw bright and happy things that I can share with other people and make them happy too.” Madison responds with her own artistic motivation. Continuing with, “I’ve always doodled. It’s just I didn’t have anything to do. Even in pre-k, I was doodling!”

Aspen Fisher is a sophomore who takes on both the visual and musical side of Fine Arts, excelling in several instruments. Meanwhile, senior Madison Carlston has earned a 4 by College Board for her Drawing Portfolio along with being named a National Merit Semi-Finalist.

“If you count orchestra the class, I started around middle school age, but with violin lessons, I started three years ago and then five years ago for piano. I’ve always sang with my family or by myself.” Aspen briefly explains her growing experience in the musical side of fine arts but when asked if she saw music as another fine art like painting, she replies; “Well, I think they both achieve a certain purpose, they both help people inspire other people and make them feel certain emotions. It depends on what you do; if you’re into music, do music. If you’re into painting do painting.”

“They’re both fine art, just audio vs visual.” Madison adds to Aspen’s view on the differing Fine Arts met by Aspen confirming, “Yeah! They both lean towards a certain sense like sight or hearing.”

Madison continues the discussion: “I’m not musical at all so that’s how they’re separated for me but with how Aspen says it, hearing vs seeing, I think music can also be visual when watching people play. I think it just comes down to the senses.”

Aspen: “Some people listen to music when they draw and when people make music videos, they center it on art pieces. They always have some sort of art going on in the background of music videos. They seem different but they’re really similar too.”

Madison: “Well with music videos, they have to not only sound good but also look aesthetically appealing for people to watch them so artists pay attention to all that. Some people like Aspen are both musical and artistic and it’s just all creativity. They’re both creative concepts.”

Aspen: “When you play music like violin or piano, there’s different strings which are like different colors so they’re similar to art in that they all have different tones of sound. Like how art has different shades of color. When I draw, I always think of music to inspire me.”

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